• 2016. Tales From Tahiti [Digital album]. CDBaby.
    Contemporary jazz meets traditional Tahitian music
    in unique and colorful musical tales

    Tales from Tahiti comprises five original intercultural compositions for jazz quintet bridging Tahitian musical heritage with jazz and improvisation.

    For his latest release, Geoffroy Colson sought out the talents of Australian musicians, including drummer and percussionist Jeremy Cook, saxophonist Nish Manjunath, bassist Joshua Spolc, and ukulele player Vanessa Caspersz. The resulting Tales from Tahiti is one of the artistic outputs of a larger practice-based research project into traditional Tahitian musical heritage, combining ethnography, ethnomusicology, and creative work.

    The compositions incorporate traditional Tahitian musical instruments such as the tōʻere (slit drum), the pahu (membrane drum) and the Tahitian ukulele into a conventional jazz quartet. But beyond the simple blend of instruments, specific compositional processes have been applied, including textural conceptualisations, arrangement techniques, and structural models derived from Tahitian traditional music. Ultimately, the compositions lean on the knowledge gained from research into local cosmogony and metaphysics.

    A new kind of musical ethnography
    within the paradigm of a global sustainability

  • 2010. Matamua [CD]. PV201001: Pacific Vibrations – Claudia Sound.
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  • 2008. La Mangue Verte [Single]: Pacific Vibrations.

  • 2000. Voyages [CD]. LZD001: Association Galapagos.

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