• 2016. ʻUi nō Faʻaoe, opéra interculturel: Un prolongement académique et artistique de liens historiques entre Tahiti et Sydney. Francosphères – Special issue: Interconnections and Mobilities: the Pacific Francosphère. Accepted 20 July 2016.
  • 2016. From Pacific resistance to pacific resistance: Expressions of Māʻohi-ness in contemporary Tahitian popular music. MUSICultures, special edition. Accepted 31/05/2016.
  • 2016. Compositional ethnomusicology and the Tahitian musical landscape: Towards meta-sustainability through creative practice research informed by ethnographic fieldwork. PhD dissertation. The University of Sydney.
  • 2016. ‘Musical Transculturation at the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts: A creative approach to the sustainability of tradition in Francophone Pacific Islands’. In K. Stevenson (Ed), The Festival of Pacific Arts: Celebrating 40 Years of cultural heritage. Suva: The University of the South Pacific Press. In press.
  • 2014. A fresh approach to transculturation in contemporary music in Tahiti. Eras, 16(1), 1-22.

Published musical compositions

  • 2015. ‘Ui No Fa‘aoe. First act of L’Esprit du Feu: Te Varua o te Auahi, operatic work based on the Tahitian legend of Aro Ariʻi te Tara. Non-Traditional Research Output. In progress.
  • 2013. ‘Upa‘upa ‘āpī, part I. IRMA, The University of Sydney. Non-Traditional Research Output. Portfolio of three compositions operating an innovative fusion of Tahitian compositional processes and playing techniques with a jazz-derived language.
  • 2013. Taʻaroa. IRMA, The University of Sydney. Non-Traditional Research Output. Seven-minute piece for jazz nonet. World Premiere: 2 May 2013, Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Fairweather Family Prize – Sydney Conservatorium Centenary Commissioning Project.
  • 2011. Tresses, pour piano. Neuilly-sur-Marne: Soldano.
  • 2008. Te Ouʻa, pour piano. Neuilly-sur-Marne: Soldano.